Wednesday, August 10, 2011

For the love of Nude!

I swear I could've gone a year without writing a new post! :/ haha I was only half kidding :p On a serious note though, sincere apologies for not being consistent. My previous job really wore me out and I had gone away for a much awaited vacation! well, I'm back and I hope to keep updating :)

Anyhoo,lately my eyes have been drifting its attention to a much simpler, subtle and plainer structures, textures and colors! So, for this post I decided to do a nude color. I'm betting you guys are big fans of it too :)

There's no rule to as to which color is nude..In a palette of nude, it goes from very, very pale color all the way to a more sandy color and stone color and even shades of gold . It looks good on both pale skin and tan skin. You just have to pick on the right item and the intensity of the nude color. And also don't forget to have a nude classic heel which make your legs appear longer and leaner, and it goes with everything and it's seasonless :) Good luck ! <3

On Me :

Dress - ASOS (Thrifted)
Wedge - Aldo
Jewelry - Forever 21


  1. The pictures are so soothing. :)
    Love the dress.


  2. you look like a pretty mermaid in that very hot dress!

  3. Gorgeous dress girl, you look exquisite! ^^

    I'm loving the nude,I'm glad that's a huge trend this season!

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  4. Voguish, classy, ravishing!
    Nice post! Nice pics! Awesome!