Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Color me Blue and Brown.

"Blue and Brown", this color is a nice color combination. With a brown color on your clothing, you will look more self-reliant because brown are able to give a strong impression. Then the blue which is more subtle yet bold, this will add and complement the colors in your outfit much more interesting.

on me ( manen) :
Straw hat: Zara.
Summer Blazer: Topman.
Stripe shirt: Zara.
Trouser: My label pinkstone.
Lace up boots: Aldo.
Glasses: Vintage.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Khaki Color

After a bit of a gap, "khaki" colors have swung back into fashion. In designer collections khaki has often replaced the predictable grey, brown and black as the preferred neutral base. Khaki tones are ideal for outwear because they go with absolutely everything. As the ultimate neutral,khaki tones are less harsh than black and younger and fresher than grey and brown. They look sophisticated paired with crisp whites and solid blacks, but you should also try wearing khaki with spring's bright colors and patterns. They make a perfect backdrop for adding statement pieces to your style.

on me (manen)
:Summer jacket : People of Asia.
:v-neck tee shirt: zara.
:Scarves: zara.
:Shorts: My label pinkstone.
:studded Loafers: Zara.
:Glasses: Vintage.
:Belt: Thrift.