Sunday, May 29, 2011

Diary of a shoe addict

I’ve spent a year blogging about styling. My own obsession are shoes..Shoes are something I'm crazy about, they are defining piece that creates a style. They make a statement and add function to fashion.These are a few pairs of footwear that I own.

on me (manen):
Hat: Zara.
Tee shirt: Volta.
Skinny jeans: Topman.
Boots: Topman.
Glasses: Vintage.


  1. happens to me as well. I'm obsessed with everything that you overvoltage feet but I'm addicted to sneakers.

  2. wow...i love your blog...
    always look up to your posts...

  3. You buy EVERYTHING Zara has don't you? That's 3 pairs of sandals I saw from Zara!