Wednesday, May 4, 2011

As red eye catcher in fashion !!

Red is a striking one , or even screaming color, the other the somewhat provocative red will do great and someone else is using red for accent and then you far more subtle . But red is simply a color that evokes something.
The first variant is often dramatic , intense and passionate, while the other variant more playful and cheerful . But again, that both variants is clearly something calls.
Red in accessories that turn very nice to stand .
we ( Manen and Arinaro) have teamed up our red shoes with simple outfit and accessories to make a statement with our footwear's .

on me (manen)
:Button shirt with floral lining : my label pinkstone.
:Trouser: Zara.
:Loafers: Trèsmode.
:Belt: Westside.
:Glasses: Vintage.

on me (Arinaro)
:Blouse: Thrift.
:shorts: Bangkok.
:Peep toe boots: Bangkok.
:Straw hat: Zara.
:Bangles: Flee market.


  1. nice pictures, i love your shirt!

  2. you guys look so cute!! :)