Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summer tips for Men

I am going to help you step your game up for this Summer :) Keep your apparel simple. stick to pastel colors.Footwear of the season namely sandals, loafers, flip flop, boat shoes.
Summer maybe hot and heavy, but that heavy cologne from last winter is just too much musk for summer’s sweat-inducing temps. Anything with citrus notes or hints of grass like vetiver is exactly what you want when the sun kick-starts. Summer Accessories must haves:- straw hat, scarves, Wrist watch, Sun glasses, Men's purse, belt, vintage pendant etc.

on me (manen):
straw hat: zara.
Tee shirt:Zara.
scarf: Nexus.
button shirt: Thrift.
Shorts: Nexus.
Sandals: Zara.
aviator glasses: Aldo.
Bag: Aldo.
Belt: Westside.


  1. Finally, we have been waiting for you guys! Fabulous outfit! Love the bag!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.