Sunday, March 27, 2011

vintage are timeless

well few days back i thought of checking my Dad's old trunk and to my surprise i found this double breasted blazer which fitted me perfectly and this men's purse:) Never knew my dad would wear and carry a men's purse in his hay days :D Now i made up mind that I'm gonna treasure my stuffs which i think it will be "timeless" even in the future.I teamed up this blazer with plain colors because i want to make a statement with it. And if you are always confused stick to black and white combo it can never go wrong.

on me(manen):
Double breasted blazer: vintage.
Tee shirt: Topman.
Shorts: my label pinkstone.
men purse: vintage.
boots: vintage store (Korean designer).
Glasses: Bangkok.


  1. that is one hell of a blazer! You dad must have been one stylish swagger in his days. :)


  2. Love this outfit!
    bag is amazing.

    find your blog on lookbook, love it! :)

    hoping to see you on our:

  3. Oh myyy I love that blazer! Lucky you :)
    Great blog!