Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Boys of summer returns :)

Summertime is approaching, and it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe. Men are also fashion conscious and you always want to be in style and look smarter.Pull out those shorts, t-shirts,Moccasins, sandals from your wardrobe.Colors are also to be considered, choose the one that compliments your skin tone. If you want to look clean and fresh try wearing plain solid colored shirts. But nothing compares to a plain white shirt.

Summer fashion should always look balanced and easy opt for the classic simple styles yet very comfortable.
on me (manen):
1st look:
Fedora hat: Topman.
Button shirt: Topman.
Shorts: My label pinkstone.
Double breasted blazer: My label pinkstone.
boots: Topman.
Nerd glasses: Bangkok.

2nd look:
stripe tee shirt: Topman.
Shorts: My label pinkstone.
Blazer: Korean designer( People of Asia).
Lace up shoes: Zara.
Aviator glasses: Thrift.

3rd look:
Hat: Zara.
stripe full sleeves tee shirt: Bangkok.
High waist pants: My label pinkstone.
Sandals: Zara.
Aviator glasses: Thrift.
Belt: Zara.


  1. ah the yellow bow! also love the stripped tee shirt and the hat in the 3rd look... ^___^ nice post!

  2. You have awesome style!