Thursday, February 24, 2011

Introducing my body tattoos

well i was always fascinated with body tattoos, the first and second one i got was a "Barbwire" on my right biceps and the other on my left ankle . since I'm kind of superstitious person :)i got the ink to prevent myself from evil passage in my life.

The second is a "cross" on my neck, the main reason getting it on my neck even though i wear a cross chain :) just to remind myself that in life there is someone with whom i can share my problems even though I'm not a religious person. I do believe there is someone who is looking after me every day and night.

The third one is three "stars" on my leg. It usually means love for one another. Since I'm a romantic and family person the one star for my family, second for my friends and the third for my ex lovers :)

The fourth and the fifth which is on my right arm( upper part) and the other one just beside it, is a "tribal" tattoo reminds me of where i come from.It usually means that life is a cycle.We start from a point and end in the same point.

The sixth is on my right arm above my wrist is a "portrait of a girl" whose heart is broken. I got it done when i was going through a rough phase in life.

The seventh is at the back of my neck which is "Starfish" with a star in the centre.
Its signifies divine love. I got it done because I'm a big sea food lover :)

on me( manen):
Tee shirt: Zara.
shorts: my label pinkstone.
Boots: Topman.
Aviator glasses: thrift
Wrist watch: Tommy Hilfiger.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aquarii and Capella

Arinaro: Being a Capricorn, I like to dress very casual yet edgy.In this post I paired up my Lacey skirt with a matching top and wore a boyfriend jacket with a peep toe boots and accessorized with a beanie to complete the look.You can wear this look for a night out with the "girls" or for a romantic evening with your date.
on me:
: Boyfriend jacket: Mango.
: Lacey skirt: Thrift.
: Top: Thrift.
: Beanie: Bangkok.
: Peep toe boots: Aldo.

Manen: I'm a hardcore Aquarian,love unconventional looks and like to mix match my outfits. For this particular post, I'm wearing a mini checkered trench coat with blue jeans, a brown button shirt, paired it up with my black ankle length boots and accessorized with my Fedora hat and aviator glasses . You can wear this look for a brunch or for work.
on me:
: checkered trench coat: Paul B.
: Fedora hat: Zara.
: Skinny jeans: Topman.
: Shirt: My label pinkstone.
: Ankle length boots: Zara.
: Aviator glasses: Thrift.