Monday, December 20, 2010

Some winter tips for men.

winter tips for men:-

1. Invest in some under armor shirts. This is another essential winter fashion tip for men. These shirts are great for layering. They can be worn under sweaters or other shirts without adding unnecessary bulk.
2. Purchase more than one coat. Coats are a vital part of a winter wardrobe. Although sport coats are nice, they aren't good for all occasions.
3. Take care of your leather coat so it doesn't get ruined. This is an important winter fashion tip for men because you don't want to walk around in a ruined coat, especially when steps could have been taken to prevent it.
4. When picking gloves, stay neutral. This is an important winter fashion tip for men because many go over board.
5. Don't wear bulky sweaters. They will make you look heavier then you actually are.
6. Choose warmer pants. A good winter fashion tip for men is to choose pants that are made in a heavier weight fabric. It will leave you warmer and will look more appropriate for the weather conditions.

one me (manen):
: contrasting band hat- Zara.
: Trenchcoat- Zara.
: Long sleeves shirt- United colors of benetton.
: Pants- My label pinkstone.
: Loafers- Zara.
: woolen scarf- Thrift.

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