Sunday, September 19, 2010

vintage louis vuitton suitcase

This louis vuitton suitcase is vintage gifted to me by my grandpa and to go in with the case i have tried to adorn a look that justifies the designer case..its a very casual yet a sophisticated look...and can be carried out by anyone anytime.

on me (manen)
: Suitcase- vintage Louis vuitton.
: Shirt- my label pinkstone.
: Shorts- my label pinkstone.
: Leather jacket- Gap.
: Toe cap shoes- maneesilp.
: Belt- thrift.
: Glasses- thrift.


  1. I loved her look pretty much the bag

  2. I want that bag of Louis Vuitton! I need it! that bag is fantastic, wonderful, great, very vintage....i make me crazy! hehehe
    I follow you....follow me back please ;)