Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fish eye in a tree house!

Arinaro--fishes and fishermen..yea thats what I was thinking about today for some odd reason.Thought about ways as to how I'd style up a fisherman if I had to put him/her on the cover of a fashion this is what I liked best..a little touch of edginess to it!And I really like the hat..I think it goes with almost anythin that I choose to wear and an accessory like that,its definitely a must have :) And also I love stripes and denims!you cannot possibly go wrong with those two..provided you select the right stripe and fit for your body type obviously.So anyhoo...i present to you MY fisherman :P

On Me--
Hat : Bkk.
Striped top : Fcuk.
Denim shorts : Vintage.
Bag : Aldo.
Kitten heels : Bkk.
Neckpiece,bangles.: flea market.
Photo Courtesy-- Manen Lkr

Manen--After 17years I decided to visit the same park I used to visit when I was a kid.And there's this particular tree I loved hanging literally :D I don't know if I consciously or unconsciously selected my clothes remembering that tree but it so happened that I blended in perfectly with it..that's what I'd like to think at least :P Anyway this is the look I usually carry,simple and minimal.Just recently I've started experimenting with high waisted pants and I'm really happy that I decided to!so I'd like to suggest it to whoever is looking for a change at the bottom lol :)

On me--
Bag : thrift.
Sandals : metro.
High waisted Pants : my label pinkstone.
Shirt : thrift.
Blazer : thrift.
Glasses : thrift.
Photo Courtesy-- Iliang Haralu.


  1. nice take fancy fisherwoman.. i esp. love the hat! manen.. nice as always :) dunno how many other guys can pull off the high waist tho. heehee! btw very cute story to it :) wen are we going fishing? ^__^

  2. Thank you so much :)!!!! I'm so glad to hear that!!

    nice hat!! :D

    best regards from Sweden