Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Style Icon Rachel Bilson!

The first time i noticed Rachel Bilson was her role as "SUMMER ROBERTS" on the prime time drama "THE O.C" .Both her on-screen and off-screen sense of style is admirable.She approached DKNY Jeans in late 2007 with a view to design a clothing line with the popular fashion brand and Together they created Edie Rose which was launched in September 2008.

The similarity I find between Rachel and I is,if I may quote her-"I love to shop. I love going to the thrift store and flea markets and digging through things and finding litle pieces. I love vintage!" Yea so Its all about gathering the little pieces and playing the mix-match mantra :)

On Me (Arinaro)-
:Cut out peep toe-- bkk
:Bag and neckpiece-- Aldo
Photo courtesy:iliang haralu


  1. ahem!nice nice! :-)

  2. I say you've got too much free time in your hands...on the other hand you do look like Rachel Bilson..not much..just a lil bit.. :-D

  3. may i say, u work the look better than miss bilson. and i always did admire your own personal style.

  4. LOL. self obsessed much?

  5. Thanks you all :) and Anonymous,arent we all?stop being in denial ^^

  6. lovely. my love! better than summer roberts u are darling! bring it on babe! keep em coming:*