Monday, August 16, 2010


This year has been a year of the simplest fabric that is the "Denim".
It is a simple fabric but it can give you varieties of stylish casual chic look.
You can wear it anywhere as it is comfortable. Anyone can carry off with ease.

The diversity of designs allows both men and women to choose different outfits according to their personality and style. Denim is a must have item for your wardrobe this season.

So, some of the outfits given in this post just to give you all some ideas of adorning it.

On me(Manen)

:Denim half jacket- vintage.
:Shirt- Topman.
:Trouser- Thrift.
:suede loafers- River island.
:Nerd glasses- Bangkok.
:Photo courtesy- iliang haralu

On me(Arinaro)
:Denim summer dress- Thrift.
:Neck piece- Mango.
:Ring- Aldo.
:Heels- Bangkok.


  1. Balmain designs the most coolest clothes ever!! :) good stuff guys..keep em coming :)

  2. love the golden necklace.....
    p.s-nice blog...!!!!

  3. nice post. I love denim!!

    Take a peek! Our first blog.

    best regards from Sweden