Monday, December 20, 2010

Some winter tips for men.

winter tips for men:-

1. Invest in some under armor shirts. This is another essential winter fashion tip for men. These shirts are great for layering. They can be worn under sweaters or other shirts without adding unnecessary bulk.
2. Purchase more than one coat. Coats are a vital part of a winter wardrobe. Although sport coats are nice, they aren't good for all occasions.
3. Take care of your leather coat so it doesn't get ruined. This is an important winter fashion tip for men because you don't want to walk around in a ruined coat, especially when steps could have been taken to prevent it.
4. When picking gloves, stay neutral. This is an important winter fashion tip for men because many go over board.
5. Don't wear bulky sweaters. They will make you look heavier then you actually are.
6. Choose warmer pants. A good winter fashion tip for men is to choose pants that are made in a heavier weight fabric. It will leave you warmer and will look more appropriate for the weather conditions.

one me (manen):
: contrasting band hat- Zara.
: Trenchcoat- Zara.
: Long sleeves shirt- United colors of benetton.
: Pants- My label pinkstone.
: Loafers- Zara.
: woolen scarf- Thrift.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

winter fashion for Men

Spruce up your style this winter with stylish double breasted jacket.Winter hats look cool and are extremely cozy. Monochromatic colored hats or may be two colored hats look nice. Well for people who do not feel very comfortable in hats can go in for headband. These man winter fashion headbands look trendy and prevent you from being frostbitten.In winters dark colors should be opted for. Good color options are black, navy blue and brown. A cotton, wool or fleece scarf will keep you extra warm. When wearing accessories, make sure that shades match. Black and gray are the best options and are easy to match. according to GQ boots look great with a suit, as long as you're wearing the right kind of boots. Look for dark, military-inspired boots to be worn with a slim and modern suit. Save those rugged Timberlands for your jeans.

on me (manen):
:contrasting band hat- zara.
:Double breasted jacket- zara.
:check shirt- my label pinkstone.
:Trouser- my label pinkstone.
:Lace up plimsolls- zara.
:Belt- vintage.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Biker fashion

Rev your fashion engines… because the biker jacket is a must-have this fall! This edgy jacket can really bring out your inner rebel in you.Ladies can pair the jackets with a floral mini dress to take the edge off the jacket, or they can play up the toughness with black or dark wash denim skinny jeans and combat boots. The guys can wear it over plaid or stripe shirts and with cords or denim and boots. The ideal biker jacket has a worn-in, slightly beat up feel to it tarnished zippers and a little distress in the leather creates a chic rock n roll. Like all of the best trends the biker jacket is the perfect wardrobe staple because of its endless possibilities, and it’s a great way to toughen up any look this fall.

On me(manen)
:Biker jacket- uni style.
:Bow tie neck piece- Aldo.
:Stripe shirt and sling bag- Punk store.
:Denim ripped shorts- Vintage.
:Studded boots- Maneesilp.
:Glasses- Thrift.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

vintage louis vuitton suitcase

This louis vuitton suitcase is vintage gifted to me by my grandpa and to go in with the case i have tried to adorn a look that justifies the designer case..its a very casual yet a sophisticated look...and can be carried out by anyone anytime.

on me (manen)
: Suitcase- vintage Louis vuitton.
: Shirt- my label pinkstone.
: Shorts- my label pinkstone.
: Leather jacket- Gap.
: Toe cap shoes- maneesilp.
: Belt- thrift.
: Glasses- thrift.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fish eye in a tree house!

Arinaro--fishes and fishermen..yea thats what I was thinking about today for some odd reason.Thought about ways as to how I'd style up a fisherman if I had to put him/her on the cover of a fashion this is what I liked best..a little touch of edginess to it!And I really like the hat..I think it goes with almost anythin that I choose to wear and an accessory like that,its definitely a must have :) And also I love stripes and denims!you cannot possibly go wrong with those two..provided you select the right stripe and fit for your body type obviously.So anyhoo...i present to you MY fisherman :P

On Me--
Hat : Bkk.
Striped top : Fcuk.
Denim shorts : Vintage.
Bag : Aldo.
Kitten heels : Bkk.
Neckpiece,bangles.: flea market.
Photo Courtesy-- Manen Lkr

Manen--After 17years I decided to visit the same park I used to visit when I was a kid.And there's this particular tree I loved hanging literally :D I don't know if I consciously or unconsciously selected my clothes remembering that tree but it so happened that I blended in perfectly with it..that's what I'd like to think at least :P Anyway this is the look I usually carry,simple and minimal.Just recently I've started experimenting with high waisted pants and I'm really happy that I decided to!so I'd like to suggest it to whoever is looking for a change at the bottom lol :)

On me--
Bag : thrift.
Sandals : metro.
High waisted Pants : my label pinkstone.
Shirt : thrift.
Blazer : thrift.
Glasses : thrift.
Photo Courtesy-- Iliang Haralu.

Monday, August 16, 2010


This year has been a year of the simplest fabric that is the "Denim".
It is a simple fabric but it can give you varieties of stylish casual chic look.
You can wear it anywhere as it is comfortable. Anyone can carry off with ease.

The diversity of designs allows both men and women to choose different outfits according to their personality and style. Denim is a must have item for your wardrobe this season.

So, some of the outfits given in this post just to give you all some ideas of adorning it.

On me(Manen)

:Denim half jacket- vintage.
:Shirt- Topman.
:Trouser- Thrift.
:suede loafers- River island.
:Nerd glasses- Bangkok.
:Photo courtesy- iliang haralu

On me(Arinaro)
:Denim summer dress- Thrift.
:Neck piece- Mango.
:Ring- Aldo.
:Heels- Bangkok.

Black and White

Although florals are in this season, we still can’t ignore the good old fashioned black and white combo. It’s classic, simple, and still very sexy and can be worn year round.A black and white ensemble is the ideal chic get-up for any occasion, social or professional. All black is certainly sophisticated slimming.
Black and white is so simple. One is the very apex of colour, the other complete absence of colour.

on me (Manen)
:Military jacket- volta.
:Boots- volta.
:Skinny jeans- Topman.
:t-shirt- Topman.
:Nerd glasses- bangkok.
:Photo courtesy: iliang haralu

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Seabiscuit ^^

This season’s men’s clothes are all about combining casual, approachable looks with dressy pieces or accessories. "Sailor stripes" are definitely in this summer. A sailor shirt looks great with a navy blue or white blazer, and cotton trousers in white or navy blue or you can wear with your favorite cargo shorts, denim shorts or jeans and you can throw in a hat or glasses/sunglasses to complete the look.

On me (Manen)
:Sailor stripe shirt,straw hat- thrift
:Denim shorts- Vintage.
:Plimsolls shoes- Topman.
: photo courtesy-iliang haralu

Friday, August 6, 2010

Andy Warhol

"Andrew Warhola",known as Andy Warhol, was a Rusyn American painter, printmaker, and filmmaker who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as "POP ART".It was during the 1960s that Warhol began to make paintings of iconic American products such as Campbell's Soup Cans and Coca-Cola bottles, as well as paintings of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Troy Donahue, Muhammad Ali and Elizabeth Taylor.

In this post I'm wearing multi colour check shirt inspired by "Andy warhol" pop art,from my soon to be launched label.

On me (Manen)
:Multi colour check Shirt-my label(pinkstone)
:Belt/men's purse- bangkok
:Boat shoes- Aldo
:Glasses- bangkok.
Photo courtesy: iliang haralu

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Style Icon Rachel Bilson!

The first time i noticed Rachel Bilson was her role as "SUMMER ROBERTS" on the prime time drama "THE O.C" .Both her on-screen and off-screen sense of style is admirable.She approached DKNY Jeans in late 2007 with a view to design a clothing line with the popular fashion brand and Together they created Edie Rose which was launched in September 2008.

The similarity I find between Rachel and I is,if I may quote her-"I love to shop. I love going to the thrift store and flea markets and digging through things and finding litle pieces. I love vintage!" Yea so Its all about gathering the little pieces and playing the mix-match mantra :)

On Me (Arinaro)-
:Cut out peep toe-- bkk
:Bag and neckpiece-- Aldo
Photo courtesy:iliang haralu


Brown colour signifies stability, reliability, and approachability.Brown is still an important focus point in many popular tapered dress styles. Often brown is now enhanced with the contemporary flair of brilliant accent colors: red, turquoise, lime, royal blue and gilded gold. In fact,"Brown" is a hot fashion color for the upcoming season.

Men purse's are the latest trend for those men who are not scared to play "Dress up". Celebrities namely David Beckham,Kanye west,John mayer, snoop Dogg, Jude law,Cristiano Ronaldo etc has developed an attachment for this particular accessory.
In this post I'm flaunting a light brown men purse paired up with the same colour shoes and belt.

One me (manen)

: Check shirt: my label(pinkstone)
: Black trouser: united colors of benetton.
: Men's purse: Hidesign.
: Belt and glasses: bangkok.
: Lace up shoes:Aldo
Photo courtesy:iliang haralu