Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to Black

This year "Black" is being viewed in a new light. All-black outfits are providing a refreshing change from the exhibit of fashions on the scene today, and mannequins were subsequently dressed in black, ushering in a new view of the color as "cool".
There is an inevitable obsession for black clothing among people of all ages. Black is perhaps the most poetic interpretation of anyone's feelings, and a reflection of one's personal style. This color never goes out of style and is cherished as a "classic" color.

on me( manen)
:Hat:- Zara.
:Glasses:- Thrift.
:Tee shirt:- Zara.
:Blazer:- G 2000.
:Trouser:- United colors of Benetton.
:Wallet:- Hidesign.
:Lace up shoes:- Maneeslip.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

For the love of Nude!

I swear I could've gone a year without writing a new post! :/ haha I was only half kidding :p On a serious note though, sincere apologies for not being consistent. My previous job really wore me out and I had gone away for a much awaited vacation! well, I'm back and I hope to keep updating :)

Anyhoo,lately my eyes have been drifting its attention to a much simpler, subtle and plainer structures, textures and colors! So, for this post I decided to do a nude color. I'm betting you guys are big fans of it too :)

There's no rule to as to which color is nude..In a palette of nude, it goes from very, very pale color all the way to a more sandy color and stone color and even shades of gold . It looks good on both pale skin and tan skin. You just have to pick on the right item and the intensity of the nude color. And also don't forget to have a nude classic heel which make your legs appear longer and leaner, and it goes with everything and it's seasonless :) Good luck ! <3

On Me :

Dress - ASOS (Thrifted)
Wedge - Aldo
Jewelry - Forever 21

Saturday, August 6, 2011

my current favorite color is Navy blue , go Blue :)

We don’t need a degree in color engineering, but a lot depend on this! Everyday you put together many elements of your attire. Your choice of the colors you mix and match can make a significant impression on how you look to others.
Colors are like kids and employees. Some work together, and get along just fine; others always fight. The color blue has become my current favorite color because it matches well with almost all the colors, a substitute to BLACK.

On me ( manen):
Cardigan: Zara.
stripe shirt: Topman.
checkered shorts: Thrift.
Socks: Thrift.
Shoes: Thrift.
Sling bag: Vintage.
Glasses: Thrift.
Belt: Thrift.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Adam & Eve : A taste of Firangis

We decided to do a post on these three particular individuals who amazes us with their distinctive style. Here's hoping you'll love them just as much :)

MATTHEW HOSS -- El Paso, Texas.

Adam & Eve
:- tell us a little bit about yourself, where you from, and how you first got interested in fashion?

:- I'm 18 years old living in El paso, Texas; working saving up money and getting ready to get out of here and experience new things.
I love making art, especially on the computer.I spend a majority of my time in illustrator and Photoshop, but also enjoy painting especially, space paintings. I have also been interested in photography lately.
I have been into fashion ever since i was a little kid. My brother and I will always sketch clothes and shoes and we just never grew out of it.I have been doing few hand made pieces, such samples of necklaces, shoes and what not that i want to further establish a brand and see my friends wearing it . I'm not a fan of latest trends. Although i enjoy reading up on it time to time. I wear what looks good and appealing to me.

Adam & Eve
:- What is your personal style?

:- I would describe my style as casual but with a little bit of preppy and classy approach to it. I love to put a twist on it and wear a little bit 70's with a vintage items that i own. I get inspiration like most people do, through internet, fashion blogs, magazines etc. Often outfits just popped out in my head before i go off to sleep.

Adam & Eve
:- Who is your style icon?

Matthew:- Well often times its just regular people who inspires me.They are the ones who seems to know what they are doing. They don't have someone telling them what to wear or styling them like many famous people do. I do like the way "The flight of the Conchords" guys style they have an impeccable style. I also enjoy many people on Lookbook, they are really usually the most inspiring.

Adam & Eve
:- where will you be few years from now ?

:- In Eugene with my girlfriend living in an apartment making clothes and shoes while doing little advertisement on the side. I'll be going to school for some personal enrichment and enjoying every second of my life.

SARAH ZAOUI -- Marrakech, Morocco.

Adam & Ev
:- Whats your personal style?

:- I don't have any personal style ; Biggest influence is what I think is cute (I don't hold much in other opinions), and of course, how comfortable it is.Then again, I completely dislike the whole idea of giving up your individuality in order to fit in. but i have to admit that the biggest thing that affects the way i dress, for the most part is the media (music, tv, magazine, etc). I choose stuff based on what I like, what I know works well with me, and very rarely based on name embarrassment
But I must admit it, sometimes I do buy things based on name.I'm not saying I own only brand names, but I do like them as much as anything else.

Adam & Eve
:- Who is your style icon?

:- Very few people influence my fashion decisions, I choose what to wear.
anyway ;this September I'll be a photography student at The School of Visual Arts in Marrakesh,and The majority of my photos are self-portraits.

Adam & Eve
:- What kind of genre of music you into?

Sarah:- I like some types of jazz, like late 1950’s era stuff like Miles Davis, but I absolutely hate the more modern type of jazz that emphasizes high pitched, squeaky (off key to my ear) saxophone heavy riffs with seemingly no melody. I like ambient jazz. I like some types of rock and roll mixed with jazz, especially The Doors music and i also like some Blues music and don’t care for some other Blues music. Those songs seem to be all over the map, from awesome to boring. Just depends upon the singer and the song. There is a really great song from the movie The Color Purple called Miss Celie’s Blues which knocked my socks off when I first heard it :
I understand that everyone has the right to dislike types of music, but I always get frustrated with my friends when they simply dismiss them because of the stigma that only “artsy” and “pretentious” people like this type of music and I think it’s a shame that most young people my age have never even attempted to get into this music


Adam & Eve
:- Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you from, and how you first got interested in fashion?

:- I`m a mix of Filipino, Japanese and Spanish. I am from Manila, Philippines but sometimes I am in Isesaki, Japan. I have a tumblr account ( but I don`t blog. I just love to visit other`s blog. I studied Fine arts in college that`s why I have this artistic behavior with my tote bags. I do visit clothing shops every other day. I love going to second hand shops. I`m not a model but I do dress to kill.

I love fashion photography. Watching movies make me relax every weekend. I do paint my bags when I`m in my mood.

Adam & Eve
:- Whats your personal style?

:- Actually, I don`t have a specific style. My looks depends on what is available on my closet. But I love the classy couture. I just love wearing formal. I just feel the elegance on it. Military inspired look to be specified. I follow the collections from Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin, Prada & Alexander Mcqueen. I get my inspirations from fashion magazines and catalogs. Just from now, I just want a spiked shoes from christian louboutin.

Adam & Eve:- Who is your style icon?

:- I don`t have a celebrity style icon but i love the style of lookbook user Vini Uehara ( and Karol Trębuła ( I just want to have an ear pierce too.

Adam & Eve:- what kind of genre of music you into ?

Francis:- listen to the music from The Killers, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, Adele. I love the alternative music but Pop music makes me dance although I don`t have talent in dancing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Color me Blue and Brown.

"Blue and Brown", this color is a nice color combination. With a brown color on your clothing, you will look more self-reliant because brown are able to give a strong impression. Then the blue which is more subtle yet bold, this will add and complement the colors in your outfit much more interesting.

on me ( manen) :
Straw hat: Zara.
Summer Blazer: Topman.
Stripe shirt: Zara.
Trouser: My label pinkstone.
Lace up boots: Aldo.
Glasses: Vintage.